Jenn Cammel

Jenn Cammel is a senior at the University of Cincinnati double majoring in journalism and communication with a certificate in public relations. She has had experience in writing for newspapers and magazines, running companies' social media accounts, planning events, and creating press releases.

Where’s the Beef? Places in North Canton Serving Summertime Favorite Hamburgers | Our Town North Canton

If your favorite meal to order while out and about is a nice juicy hamburger, you aren’t alone. Hamburgers are one of America’s most popular and most purchased food items. The burger often tops lists of the most popular American food and most consumed food in a year. The Huffington Post has reported that each year Americans consume over 50 billion burgers. That equates to around 3 a week per person throughout the entire year. To put that into perspective, if that amount was set into a line it w